Asthma prevention

Asthma is an inherited allergen disease 50% of asthma occur by allergen substance like Smoke, Dust, strong-perfume, and cold.

Asthma mainly two type :(1)Breath obstacle (2)Cough with – obstacle

Aetiology of (1)breath obstacle: Breath obstacle asthma mainly occur by allergen substance. But sometime We notice breath problem face by the side-effect other disease like heart disease, kidney disease, Pneumonia, chest pain, or anyother pain occur breath obstacle. We called it Co-Asthma,

Symptoms type-1:Inhalation   problem and chest pain.  ——————————-

Type-1 Treatment in emergency period:when a patient suffer inhalation problem he should take easy inhaler like as salbutamol or anyother according to need,                                                       

Type-1 Permanent curing treatment: patient who are suffering inhalation problem they should keep themselves in a safe place from dust, smoke, and sweating because by sweating we lossour a lot of minerals so we fell into weakness. Weak body easily feel inhalation problem so sometime we should improve Multi-vitamins and minerals for strong body.

Type-2 Aetiology cough and breath obstacle: 80% of asthma shows as cough and breath obstacle. It is occur  by the allergen substance , like dust, cold, smoke, over dose of folic acid, vitamins and minerals lackness, environment dismanagement, especially cold water drinking and  taking a bath by cold water or cold food taking ,That cold inspire some virus to occur cough and breath problem.

Type-2 Treatment in emergency  period for  cough and breath problem: The patient who are suffering from cough and breath obstacle they need allergy remover prednisolone drug according toWHO dose and easy inhaler salbutamol. For killing  virus we can apply a antibiotic but we need to take some precaution before applying antibiotic. We will apply vitamin b-complex, tocopherol-200iu/day, retinol-50000iu one dose/month. If the patient has blood pressure  standard level we will apply antibiotic otherwise we could not get expectable result.

Permanent treatment for cough and breath problem: the patient who are suffering  from cough and breath problem they should not drink or take a bath with cold water or take cold food.Moreover they should avoid a lot of folic acid containing food. A lot of folic acid  and cold creat coughing allergen. So these patient need concented blood that possess proper Multi-vitamins minerals especially ratinol, tocopherol, and b-complex, as minerals- Iron, znic, sodium salt, according to need. The patient should avoid cold water for any perpose. Level of blood pressure is pre-condition controling cough and inhalation problem, patient should not take a lot of potassium or folic containing foods. Our patient have to ensure take or drink with 35C heated water. The patient who are adult they should not release all of their semens at a time by any how. These patient when they fail to attain all of vitamins and minerals from foods, they should take Multi-vitamins and minerals (A to Z) drug (by the ad of WHO).All asthma patient have to safe themselves from dust, cold,smoke and allergen foods, They could live better. 

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