Coronavirus & Treatment

Many virus are there in our environment. We do not know about all of virus. Some of virus are known to us.some of virus occur headache, cold cough fever, shore throat, hemorrhage, respiratory tract infection are common. 

Coronavirus disease ( covid-19): corona virus is some different because it has self immunity to prevent drug, but we can not say it is dangerous than human immunity.

Transmission: animal to animal or animal to human, or human to human by respiratory droplet and touching with others.

Activities in a human body: coronavirus could not react at the first stage when it is alone when it spreads in a body and make a classier then shows some symptoms.

Symptoms: headache, cold cough, fever, shore throat, respiratory tract infection, and inhalation problems are common. Hemorrhage may be sudden when our body could not reserve water.

Treatment: (it is nice to know a strong human body is more effective to prevent any viral disease. Here “strong” mean the body who has possess all vitamins and minerals for growing strong immunity according to need. The patient who are adult they should not release all of their semens at a time by anyhow. The patient who has affected coronavirus he should take rest and proper fooding. So we should do  same).

We can apply as medicine “sulfa drug” sulfamethoxazole-800/1600mg/day divide into two dosages (for an adult) or extended according to the medical condition and response to the treatment. But the drug could act with below vitamins and minerals that, Thiamine hydrochloride-15mg/day, Riboflavin-12mg/day, Niacinamide-60mg/day, Pyridoxine hydrochloride-8mg/day, they are divide into three. vita-c 80mg/day, tocopherol-200/400 iu/day, Retinol-50000iu/one dose at a time/month, or extended. Znic-5mg/day, If the patient is suffering from blood lackness Iron will be added. Moreover, the patient needs to live in 33C  heated atmospheres.


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